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The knowledge of how to achieve peak performance in the athletic, military and corporate field are widely spread and well understood. In many countries however, some groups of people remain at the top over relatively short periods and then vanish into the unknown area of mediocracy. The athletes or members exhaust themselves, burn out and get ill physically, mentally or emotionally.

The way to the top level of the world in the fields of sports, performing arts, science or in other fields takes about 10.000 hours of practice, meaning 10 years and 4 hours per day of sustaining the motivation, effort and dedication to get there. Very few individuals, groups or countries stay on the top for an extended period of time and show a sustainability, in German language “Nachhaltigkeit”. In the last three decades, we developed the knowledge and technology to tackle such a big challenge and we can be successful. That is why we coined the term “Healthperformance”, delivering peak performance and staying healthy over long periods, staying motivated, getting stronger, avoiding overtraining, and finally succeed.

German efficiency and long-term experience can create a foundation for future success. The ACT GmbH Team has over 30 years of experience in the development of the therapeutic interventions for excellence and is forming a winning team in cooperation with the Institute for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback of Dr. Eva Otzen, a leader in the field of Neurofeedback in Switzerland.

Tobias Schadewald

German champion 2013 in a "Laser" boat

Landeskader Nordic Combination


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