Vigor and flexibility are measurable

We look deep into the bottom of your physical condition with different well-tried and innovative diagnostic methods to know your “health quotient”.

HQ2 health quotient is a benchmark for psycho-neuro-biological health. It can be named as global vigor and the individual’s intelligence to make proper and healthy decisions. The quotient is composed of several parameters that will be measured by our team:

- Heart rate variability (HRV) allows a statement to adaptability of the inner   guidance
- Neurostress diagnosis by measuring your neurostress hormones and   neurotransmitters
- Stress questionnaire with Hogrefe test system, a scientific validated system
- Questionnaire to relaxing ability
- Neurophysiological stress analysis by measuring stress and relaxation reaction   with NeXus 10 measurement system, the ability to control breath and muscular   system, to change and cope with energized states
- Vocalys® voice frequency analysisSleep analysis
- Structural body analysis

Heart rate variability (HRV) is already used quite some time in high-performance sport, aerospace and stress medicine.
The HRV measurements show malfunctions in stress management, fitness and emotions. Combined with the heart coherency biofeedback training you will have a key to your emotions (limbic system) and to a better physical function.

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