Welcome at ACT Aisenpreis Coaching & Therapy – Peak Performance

Healthperformance is a concept specially developed for managers, executives, corporate leaders, competitive athletes and all people in leading positions.

People stressed by everyday planning, organization, leadership and responsibility.

Healthperformance represents a holistic view of health to improve performance as well as subjective well-being in working environment.

“Up to the mark - peak performance, no burnout”

Everyday professional life demands especially from executives: competence, flexibility, vigor, resilience as well as soft skills. But sensory overload, time pressure, noise etc. put the inner added value to a limit.

60 % of all days absent are caused by stress
22 % of all European employees are involved
50 % of all diseases nowadays are caused by stress

Your aim: long-term and sustainable leading as leader.

Our strategy: to provide you with know-how to increase in inner efficiency:

- increasing of energy and vigor
- deepening of the ability to relax
- enable inner abundance and fulfillment
- create emotional persuasiveness
- protect against negative emotions coming from outside
- experience enthusiasm and the power of attraction from within

We empower your leadership.

So we create sustainable added value for you and your business.

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