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A warm welcome to our team!

We guide you with all our experience, with intuition, heart and understanding all along your individual recovery and transformation process.

The center of our efforts is you as an individual person, not the technic or method.

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Punito Michael Aisenpreis
Born 1958, body- and psychotherapist, natural health professional (osteopathy, Rolfing®, NLP, hypnosis, SE trauma Therapy), stress-reduction-coach, martial arts teacher and meditation teacher.

In 1981 Punito Michael Aisenpreis established a body- and psychotherapist practice in Heidelberg. Extended advanced trainings for therapy and meditation in several locations in Asia and USA. He has many years of experience in medical advanced trainings and therapy development.

In 2001 he founded the Aisenpreis Coaching GmbH, an academy for advanced training in medical professions and for corporate leaders.
Besides his therapeutic practice he also operates in optimizing performance, reducing stress and supporting process of executives.
In 2004 he developed individual HRV-based stress reducing concepts and therapeutic approaches (ASI Somatische Integration® and ASI Herzkohaerenz® Biofeedback)
In addition to that he is co-editor of a book concerning trauma coping.

Punito Michael Aisenpreis focuses on individual process support and management of health, crisis and stress.

Sibylle Aisenpreis
Born 1966, mother of two, works as a physiotherapist since 1988 and since 1999 in her own practice mainly focusing on: craniosacral integration, osteopathy and foot reflexology based on Hanne Marquardt.

Since 2004 she combines elements of the physiotherapeutic and osteopathic medicine with traumatic work based on Peter Levine. She uses HRV and pelvic floor biofeedback an offers dietary coaching.

She has many years of meditative experience and supports her patients individually in their processes of growing and changing.
Furthermore Sibylle Aisenpreis is co-editor of a book concerning trauma coping after traffic accidents.